Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Christmastime: Please Slow Down!!!

Jeremy and I were talking the other night about how chaotic the holidays can be, and how that chaos keeps so many of us from getting into the Christmas spirit. It's one of the season's greatest ironies: all of the things we do to prepare (shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating, etc.) excite us but, frankly, wear us out. I'm thrilled to say that our shopping, wrapping, and decorating are completed - yippee! But I can tell you that the process has been complicated by two runny noses (Luke's and mine), one solid run of molar misery (Luke's), an emergency trip to the vet for Hannah Bear (she's fine - she got into something and has what we'll euphemistically call "stomach issues"), and an unexpectedly hectic work week for Jeremy. PHEW. Our family's festivities begin tonight with the Calvert Christmas celebration, and I'm hopeful that, as much as the season has to throw at us over the next four days, we are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of being together and watching Luke really experience Christmas for the first time.

Speaking of: the top picture is of Luke with one of his Christmas gifts. I got some Mickey Mouse paper to wrap all of his presents, and since he is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's #1 fan, he looooooooves his presents. I hope they stay wrapped before Christmas! The picture below is from my last day of school. It was cold, so we had to bundle up. Luke's wearing an early Christmas gift: those Elmo slippers. How fun are they? He actually leaves them on and can walk around in them pretty well. It's a Christmas miracle!

Next, we have our Christmas tree. It's not my best work - having a toddler around who really likes glass ornaments complicates the decorating process, so our tree doesn't exactly look like it came off the pages of Southern Living, but we like it, and it will do. : )

Finally, here are our stockings - hung by the chimney with care, of course.

Our next few days are packed: Calverts tonight, Mom and Dad's Christmas Eve, our house Christmas morning, then off to Winona for the 25-26. I wish everyone a blessed Christmastime - be sure to slow down and enjoy it!

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