Thursday, September 11, 2008

Luke's First Week!

I'd apologize for taking so long to post, but if you know anything about rearing newborns, you won't be judgmental. I've always heard how quickly time flies with a newborn. Eight days into life with Luke, I am floored by how true this is. And it's an ironic truth given how little we're sleeping! It's hard to believe that nine nights ago we were setting the alarm clock (as if we'd sleep!) to be sure we made it to the hospital in time for my 5:00 a.m. induction appointment. I can't believe how different life feels now, as I sit here typing the blog next to the baby monitor, knowing I'll get up about twenty times to go to the nursery and make sure little Luke is in fact breathing. I think that act best sums up how I'm feeling: that for all of the challenges and exhaustion, having Luke in our family is a blessing beyond my powers of comprehension. I like to think I am a gifted writer, but I am powerless to describe how profoundly thankful I am for the miracle sleeping in his crib one room away.

I figure pictures are what you want, and pictures you will get, thought it takes forever for them to upload. *Sigh* I remember when I had time to sit leisurely at the computer while pictures uploaded. My times have changed! Anyway, one more picture from Luke's birth day. 99.5% of the time I am ridiculously vain about being photographed sans make-up and flat-ironed hair. But this is one I do not even care to share, because I will always melt when I see how that little boy is looking at his mama! [Kleenex break...]
Phew, I'm back. Really, there are so many pictures I have from this past week, so I'll include some highlights. Please forgive me for not providing lengthy stories of each. Again: time is precious.

I have to provide pictures of Luke's grandparents, in part to thank them. Here are Grandfather, Honey, and Granny (my parents, John and Janis, and my grandmother, Shirley) right after Luke is born.
Here are Grandpa and Grandma (Jeremy's parents, Pete and Donna).
Having kids of your own provides you with a sudden, piercing insight of how much your parents really love you and would do anything for you. [Seriously... I may need another Kleenex. Dang hormones! =D] I know I'm speaking for Jeremy as well when I wholeheartedly thank all of them for their help over the past eight days. Whether they cooked for us, picked up around the house, took care of Luke while we took much-needed naps, answered their phones when we needed advice, and just did a million other things... our parents have been godsends, and Luke couldn't be luckier to have them in his life!

The Luke-Hannah introduction has gone amazingly well. Hannah is very protective of her baby brother, and I've heard a lot of her crying on the baby monitor - she gets so upset if she can't see that he is doing just fine! She very gently sniffs at him to check on him. This picture (that I wish wasn't so blurry) is from right after we brought Hannah home to meet Luke. She's been a really sweet big sister!

Here's Luke in his crib his first day at home.

Here's Luke just after he made his "Touchdown!" motion. It's one of our favorites.

And here's Luke resting after several visitors on his one-week birthday:

Alright... I'm sure in the time it took me to do all of this posting, he's ready to get up and eat again soon. We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers, and we thank those of you who have visited us at the hospital and/or home. We are always telling Luke how lucky he is to have so many people who love him! We'll write more soon...


Michelle said...

Hi Lisa - I'm enjoying your blog. The first few days are such a surreal set of extremes: joy, fatigue, bewilderment, happiness, overwhelming emotions and fatigue (worth mentioning twice). Take comfort, you will sleep again someday!

journeys with pK and mG said...

I know your mother is relieved that Hannah has made a new life long friend!

What a precious baby you and Jeremy have!

journeys with pK and mG said...

Your mother must be so relieved that Hannah has made a lifelong friend! Your baby boy is just precious. He will always have a spot at the cafeteria table during B lunch.

Tracey said...

Mom and I are still talking about how cute Luke is and how much we enjoyed holding him and talking to his new and proud parents! The new pics are great. I can't wait to get to hold him again.